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Bottle 200ml Tall Boston PET Amber 24mm 30% PCR

Plastic bottle 200ml tall boston in amber PET with 24mm neck with 30% PCR (recycled material). Suitable for packaging a wide range of products from shampoo to cosmetic gels, cleaning agents, medicines, herbal and aromatherapy remedies and chemical solutions.

Product code: B200TABOPA24-30

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  • Description: The 200ml Tall Boston Amber PET Bottle includes 30% post-consumer regrind, which has been supplied by the Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) programme. Prevented Ocean Plastic is high-quality recycled PET which is collected from coastal areas, preventing it from entering the ocean. To learn more about POP and how the plastic is defined as ocean-bound, please see our blog or contact us.

    Our amber bottles stand out from the crowd and offer excellent protection for light sensitive products. Traditionally used as medicine bottles but now favoured for a range of products such as essential oils, hand soaps, shampoos and remedies.

    We offer a range of different caps and closures to fit your product's chosen application from standard aluminium screw caps, flip and disc tops and a range of lotion pumps. See below for our full range of options.

    This amber bottle, alongside its 50ml and 100ml counterparts, is part of our popular boston bottle range. It’s a more eco friendly option as it’s made using 30% recycled plastic and is therefore exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax.

    • Capacity: 200ml
    • Colour: Amber (colour may vary due to recycled material)
    • Material: PET
    • Dimensions: 150mm (height) x 47mm (diameter)
    • Neck Size: 24mm
    • Product Code: B200TABOPA24-30
    • Weight: 24g
    • Box Quantity: 272

Please note: Always test your product with the plastic bottle/cap for compatibility. We are happy to send a sample.

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Please encourage your end-user to recycle responsibly.

As this item includes a minimum of 30% recycled material it will not be subject to the plastic tax (from April 2022), see our blog for more information.

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