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Tailored to You

Four benefits of our Tailored to You service

1. Discounts - volume buying savingsBenefit from volume pricing, The Plastic Bottles Company will order in advance your essential bottles, jars and caps required for your products.

2. Bespoke quantities - supplying just what you need across your chosen timescaleIf your average monthly usage is 1046 bottles or 2342 caps we create a bespoke order that suits your individual business - we never liked round numbers anyway!

3. On demand dispatch - no delay in delivery time or waiting for stockTogether we determine a monthly delivery schedule based on your requirements to ensure your products arrive just when you need them. You will benefit from the flexibility to increase your requirements when business is booming.

4. Storage - warehouse storage with usAmong the benefits of our Tailored to You programme are storage solutions. We have two warehouses at our Ulverston base which can store your products in tip-top condition ready to despatch when you need them.

Example One

Customer orders 5000 caps on a bi-monthly basis.

By volume purchasing the next 5 orders we can push them over the 25,000+ unit price.

Customer saves £375 on each order.

Example Two

Customer orders 12,000 units of 6 different products annually. By volume purchasing 12 months stock accesses the 10,000+ unit price. 

Including storage costs, customer saves around £1470 on their years' supply.

Tailored to your business

We’re dedicated to tailoring our service to your needs. You know your product and business best, which is why we’ll work together to determine what packaging is best for you, how often you need it and what closures you need.

At the beginning we’ll ask about your needs, what you’re filling your packaging with, required functionality, and branding. From your answers we’ll narrow down our recommendations and arrange for you to receive samples to try with your own product. We suggest that, before placing a bulk order, you test your product with your chosen packaging to ensure they are suitable for one another.

Once you’ve come to a decision just tell us how much you need, when, and where you want it to go and we’ll organise the rest. If you’re looking to establish a periodic standing order, we will craft a contract to meet your needs and ensure your product arrives on time and hassle-free. Plus, as your delivery date approaches our team will drop you a call to prepare you for your incoming order.

A service that grows with you

Need help storing your empty packaging? We offer secure on-site storage and distribution ideal for smaller businesses. Business better than expected? Let us know and we will adjust your next order to meet demand.

Plus, we offer a next day delivery and same day pick-up on stock ordered before 1pm for UK mainland addresses.

At The Plastic Bottles Company, we’re proud to support businesses of all sizes. That’s why we understand just how important it is to receive a tailored service that suits the individual.

Here to help!

If you need advice or are looking for a particular bottle or container that's not on the website, just ask. Even if we don't stock it we may be able to source it for you.

Telephone: (+44) 01229 588877 or 588468
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