Domed Cap For HDPE Boreseal Bottles


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Domed 20mm Cap For HDPE Bore Seal Bottles

These domed caps are made from Polypropylene and are specifically for use with our Bore seal HDPE Bottles. They should be accompanied by our 20mm Pointed White Plugs to ensure a good seal for your product.

The neck of a Bore seal bottle is unique inasmuch as there is a slight lip on the inner rim to facilitate the tight insertion of the dropper plug.

Please note: Always test your product for compatibility.

Colour White
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Fit Neck Size 20mm
Dimensions 26mm (H) x 25mmØ
Weight 3g
Product Code C20DOW

65ml HDPE Boreseal Bottle
20mm Pointed White Plugs

Please note: Always test your product with the plastic Cap /Bottle for compatibility. We are happy to send a sample.

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Polypropylene Caps are known for good impact strength, cost effectiveness, and pliability. These caps are suitable for many products and have excellent sealing characteristics and offer good chemical resistance including acids, alcohols, alkalis, aqueous products, cosmetics, household oils and solvents.

Please encourage your end-user to recycle responsibly.

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