Our TPD compliant Husky short fill bottles, with snap on dropper, are widely used in the vaping industry, as well as for storing other oil based products. Available with attractive smooth tamper evident caps, they are also perfect for packaging cosmetics.

The Plastic Bottles Company is the only distributor of HUSKYS in Europe. The TE caps have a moulded warning triangle & SNAP ON DROPPER, preventing spillages and leakages, even if a lot of pressure is applied to the bottle when squeezing. Refillable, Resealable, Reusable.

For a long time, the vaping community has been frustrated by similar short-fill products. They were frustrated that the dropper on some manufacturers’ bottles refused to come off when it was time to refill resulting in using pliers, wire snips, tweezers, screwdrivers and such.

The fact the HUSKY dropper, once clicked in place, stays put – even with heavier liquid is a major benefit. But then, the fact that it can be prised off easily when required is invaluable; “No more broken nails” one person told us! In the current climate of greater awareness of using single-use plastic bottles, these re-usable droppers are a real game changer.

There are lots of industries that use our range of dropper bottles, twist top and flip top caps – whether this is to dispense such things as essential oils, vaping juicestattoo inkmachine oil and lubricants, Fake blood for theatrical and training,  beard oil and even lubricants for bagpipes. Basically, anything that requires a controlled flow of a thicker liquid.