10ml Tamper Evident PET Bottle with Child Resistant Cap


Minimum order quantity is 1,000.
Please use the ‘Special Orders’ telephone number, or email us for any preferred quantity which is not listed.

Whilst we are always happy to send a free sample, due to unprecedented demand for this product we are unable to fulfil requests for batches of samples to test on filling lines etc. To facilitate this requirement we have lowered our minimum purchase quantity to 100 in the options below. Only Orange & Purple caps are available with this facility.

This product is TPD compliant and has been tested and certified to ISO 8317 and accredited by UKAS.

This listing provides the cap and dropper as separate components. If you prefer a two part cap with the dropper already inserted inside the cap, please follow this link  https://www.theplasticbottlescompany.com/product/10ml-tamper-evident-pet-bottle-with-child-resistant-cap-and-inserted-dropper/

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These bottles are exclusively designed for the vaping and e-cig industry to meet the industry health and safety regulations for the transportation of nicotine.
The 10ml Tamper Evident PET Bottle comes with a Tamper evident/Child resistant cap for safety and security AND a dropper to allow for easy and accurate dispensing of e-liquid with no wastage.
The cap also has  a tactile warning triangle, impressed on the top.
The tactile warning triangle is used on packaging that is used for hazardous chemical products.
According to HSE such a package should:
prevent escape of the chemical and not be adversely affected by the chemical
be strong enough to withstand normal handling
replaceable closures must continue to prevent escape even after repeated use.
Child resistant caps with tactile warnings have raised-profile triangles that can be understood by those with impaired vision.
Having the tactile warning symbol actually impressed on the cap, rather than on a sticker, is more permanent than using a sticker, which could come off the bottle.
In addition to being child resistant, this cap is also tamper evident, in order to be fully compliant with best practice for the transportation of hazardous goods.  This is crucial in order to ensure the integrity of the contents.
The tamper-evident cap has a plastic ring that is attached below the screw cap on the bottles. When unscrewing the cap, the ring breaks: the ring can separate from the cap and it will no longer be tamper evident. The plastic ring gives the customer a warning if the seal between the ring and the cap is broken, it is an indication that the contents have been tampered with.
Our Vapour Bottle is ultra light weight and will pass through a UK letter box so this cuts down on your postal costs considerably if you are posting them out individually to clients.
Experts believe that PET plastic is the ideal plastic of choice for storing nicotine. It has all the beauty of glass, but without being breakable and fragile.

Perfect for sending samples to customers. This plastic bottle  is NOT suitable for storing strong chemicals, some oils, acrylic paints etc, but is good for body lotions, creams, cosmetics, toiletries, fizzy water, water-based paints, liquid nicotine and also food products. PET is widely used in the food and drinks industry and is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.
Please note: Always test your product with the plastic bottle for product compatibility
Capacity 10ml
Colour Clear
Dimensions 54mm x 21mm∅ (70mm with cap)
Material Bottle (PET), Cap (PP), Dropper (PE)
Neck Size 12mm
Weight 6g
Box Quantity 5,000 pieces
Weight 0.08 kg

100, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 25000, 50000, 100000, 250000


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White