The Plastic Bottles Company is a UK company, based in Cumbria, selling empty HDPE plastic bottles. We have HDPE bottles, LDPE bottles, MDPE bottles and PET bottles. Our empty HDPE plastic bottles also come in a range of sizes: 15ml bottles, 30ml bottles, 50ml bottles, 65ml bottles, 100ml bottles, 125ml bottles, 200ml bottles, 250ml bottles, 500ml bottles and 1 litre bottles. We stock dropper bottles, squeeze bottles and spray bottles.

Available with a range of closures and accessories. Natural HDPE is an opaque plastic, allowing you to see your product level easily. We also stock black HDPE in some sizes. HDPE is a lighter, more durable and more cost effective alternative to glass. HDPE is suitable for most food stuffs.

HDPE plastic containers are suitable for a range of applications and products such as detergents, shampoo and conditioner, oils, cleaning products, car cleaning products, creams, lotions, soaps, paints and glue.