HUSKY short fill official launch

Exciting new HUSKY product launch at The Vaper Expo

Friday 4th May 2018, NEC, Birmingham.

Cumbria-based business,The Plastic Bottles Company are working in partnership with fellow family business from California, P&P International.  The Plastic Bottles Company are the only European distributor for P&P’s HUSKY bottles.

The Plastic Bottles Company from Ulverston wholesales specialist plastic bottles to a wide range of sectors including the vaping/e-liquid industry,  hair and beauty, health, leisure, DIY and food.

Short Fills

This brand new range of products that will be launched at The Vaper Expo on Friday 4th May 2018, have been in demand by the vaping industry for some time.  Known as short fills, these bottles are ‘short filled’ with e-liquid that has 0% nicotine, allowing the sale of higher volume liquids whilst remaining compliant with the EU Tobacco Products Directive.

With interest from other industries already evident, it is anticipated that the HUSKY bottle range will become a best seller for the Cumbrian family business who are already gearing up to order their second 40ft container full of HUSKY stock.

Managing Director, Julie Doherty said “We are very excited to officially launch the HUSKY product range at Vaper Expo. They have already been flying off the shelves from pre-orders.  Early indications are that they are proving very popular due to the high quality of the products, teamed with our excellent customer service.  Feedback from customers has been very positive so far, with the leading vaping community site – Planet of the Vapes – independently reviewing the HUSKY bottles and giving them a big thumbs up (you can read the article here).  P&P International believe that they have solved a major issue for the vaping industry by making the HUSKY range refillable, resealable and reusable.  Their innovative ‘snap-on’ dropper allows the consumer to re-use the bottle numerous times.  We are committed to encouraging multiple-use plastics that are completely recyclable in any household recycling collection”.

Vaping growth

The vaping industry has grown considerably since its inception, and according to a press release by reporting firm Research and Markets, is expected to reach £36 billion by 2025.  Not only for those wishing to stop smoking, vaping has become a social experience for millions of users worldwide and is now considered ‘mainstream’.  Such is the interest and investment into the industry that British Rapper Professor Green has launched his own e-liquid range and will be appearing at The Vaper Expo on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th May.

The entire HUSKY range is available to purchase on our website