Fluorination is a process of treating the surface of plastic using fluorine gas. After fluorination, the bottles are much less likely to distort in any way or panel. This is particularly useful for strong chemicals that will be stored in plastic bottles over a period of time.

Fluorinated plastic is useful for storage of:

  • acetone lubricants
  • plant growing chemicals
  • cleaning agents
  • de-greasing agents
  • essential oils
  • car products including additives
  • wood treatment products
  • paint thinners
  • weed killers

This is by no means a complete list and because there are so many variables affecting the integrity of your plastic bottle, we urge you to test our bottles with your product over time.  At this time of writing, fluorination is only available for HDPE plastic unfortunately and not PET plastic.

Our containers are fluorinated after they have been manufactured. During this process, the bottles are placed in a sealed reactor and exposed to fluorine gases. There are various levels of fluorination available. The level that is chosen depends on the kind of plastic that is required and the chemicals that the bottles are being used for and the length of storage time.

Fluorination of Plastic Bottles to prevent panelling is a bespoke service that we offer, if you are interested in a quote for fluorination of any of our HDPE bottles, please contact us.

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