Dip Tubes

What is a DIP-TUBE & will it fit the bottle you are Buying?

Dip Tube comparison

Various Sized Dip Tubes

The Dip-tube is the ‘straw-like’ attachment on the base of caps such as atomisers, spray guns and treatment pumps. The tube is inserted into the body of the bottle to allow the product to be ‘sucked up’ when the cap is pressed.

The Dip-tube comes as a standard length depending on which cap you are ordering, so they vary in length according to cap size. This means, for instance, that a 20mm atomiser will fit on any of our 20mm neck bottles.

Because the 20mm bottles we stock range from tall PET bottles to smaller 50ml HDPE bottles the dip tube will be long enough to fit the larger bottle but be perhaps too long for the smaller 50ml bottle.

We always recommend you try a sample of our caps and bottles before making a big purchase so if you discover the dip tube is too long for the bottle you are buying we can arrange the dip tubes get trimmed. As this is a bespoke service we charge a small fee for this.

What is FBOG?

Dip tubes explainedDip tubes’ length is measured ‘From the Bottom Of the Gasket’ (FBOG).

The gasket is contained within the body of the cap and the dip tube length is measured from this gasket to the end of the tube (not just the length of the ‘straw-like’ flexible tube). The flexible tube is push fitted into the base of the pump mechanism so can be easily removed if required.

The length of the dip-tube of atomisers and sprays is standard for the neck size so some trimming may be required to fit the size of your bottle.

Ideally, the dip tube should be trimmed to reach the bottom of the bottle you intend to use with it, just touching the base. The tube should have a ‘V’ cut out from the end to facilitate the extraction of liquids even when the bottle is almost empty.

Please contact us if you are unsure about any of the above. Caps and Accessories with dip tubes on the website usually have their length specified but if not, please check first. Call 01229 588877 or email sales@the-pbc.com