10ml Vape Bottle For e-Cigarettes

In an article called “No smoke without fire? Advertising of electronic cigarettes”, the Advertising Standards Authority discussed why a smoke and mirrors approach to promoting e-cigarettes will not be tolerated.  We have a policy of transparency here at The Plastic Bottles Company, so we have made extra sure that our 10ml Vape Bottle For e-Cigarettes complies with industry standards and that we are following the correct advertising and marketing protocol.

The whole topic of whether the e-cigarette and vaping industries should be allowed to advertise is being hotly debated, especially in light of The Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD). The TPD introduced new rules for about the 10ml refill containers for liquid nicotine (Article 20). The MHRA is responsible for implementing the majority of provisions under Article 20 and has been designated as the competent authority for the notification scheme for the refill containers in the UK.

These new rules ensure that consumers can make informed choices, minimum standards for the safety and quality of all refill containers are maintained and that an environment that protects children from starting to use these products is ensured. The UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations came into force on 20 May 2016.

The whole vaping industry has grown so quickly and this has posed regulatory challenges to both the MHRA and the ASA. This has in turn created uncertainty amongst advertisers about what is acceptable in the promotion of products. Clearly advertisers must ensure their ads are socially responsible and not misleading, harmful or offensive.

For instance:

  • The ad should not make false claims
  • If the product contains nicotine, it should be made clear and it should also be clear that it is for over 18s
  • Nicotine products should not appear appealing to children

Because it has been like running for a bus pelting along at a hundred miles an hour, CAP has stepped in to help the Advertising Standards Agency.  The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), who is the ASA’s sister body have held a full public consultation on new rules about advertising and have clarified for advertisers about what they can and can’t do to ensure that all vaping products are advertised responsibly.

Here are the CAP and BCAP’s proposals for changes to their Codes and guidance in response to the Tobacco Products Directive taking effect in the UK, last update 29th September, 2016.

We have endeavoured to follow everything required by the MHRA and recommended by CAP and have of course complied with everything set out by the ASA to ensure that our bottles are fully compliant with the stipulations laid out in Article 20 of the TPD.  As such our 10ml PET bottle is covered by ISO 8317 and accredited by UKAS.




Plastic Bottles At The Vaper Expo

tpd-compliant-bottlesCome and find us at the exhibition, we have lots of free samples of TPD compliant bottles!

Look out for Collette, she will be wearing one of our royal blue fleeces like this one over to the left and be wandering around the Vaper Expo today. Anything you need to know about TPD compliant bottles, she will be able to help you!

Today 3 of our team will be representing The Plastic Bottles At The Vaper Expo at this over 18s event in Birmingham. The The Vaper Expo UK is back for the second time in 2016 because it has proved to be so popular. It is one of Europe’s biggest and best vape conventions and will attract exhibitors from all over the world.

We will be there today looking around and finding out what is new in the vaping world and of course finding out what people are doing to get ready for the TPD next month. We have done everything we can to get TPD ready with our 10ml, tamper-evident child-resistant PET bottle. It is fully compliant with all of the specifications made by the MHRA and we have submitted it for approval and are waiting to hear back from them.

TPD Compliant BottlesThe exhibition is said to be the ultimate experience for vaping enthusiasts.  As well as world renowned brands, there will be a full entertainment program and areas for you to hang out and rebuild your devices with fellow vapours.  There will also be tons of freebies in our give-aways & competitions.

Today we are enjoying meeting other  B2B and trade visitors today. There are shop owners,  other distributors, sales reps, marketing agencies and lots of new and interesting businesses!

Plastic Bottles At The Vaper Expo

If we can help you in any way or answer any questions about plastic bottles for vaping we will be more than happy to do so.  Just look for the blue fleece!

Plastic Bottles & Containers For Industrial Cleaning Products

5L Jerry-Can-pelican

Industrial cleaning is not an easy job and it can be made harder by not having the right equipment including containers for cleaning products. Investing in good quality plastic containers and especially the right containers for the right products can mean that the cleaning staff can actually get their work done much more efficiently. Whether you are a producer of cleaning products or a co-packager, we can supply you with the bottles or containers that you need. If you can’t see the plastic container that you require on the website, please give us a ring and we can check into it for you and possibly even source it.

We stock a number of plastic bottles and containers that are suitable for use for industrial cleaning products and janitorial products.  Our products HDPE plastic containers are tough and durable and designed for use with strong chemicals.  We stock everything from small bottles designed for individual use and samples right through to large containers like Jerrycans that have been fluorinated for extra endurance. Check to see whether your product requires fluorinated plastic or even a UN bottle.   Here are some of our UN Bottles.  Some products are can be stored in PET bottles giving a see through appearance and PET plastic is also lighter to transport.

Plastic Bottles & Containers For Industrial Cleaning Products

Air Fresheners and Sanitisers
Automotive Products
Bactericidal Cleaners and Surface Sanitisers
Bar Products
Bathroom Cleaners
Body Fluid Treatments
Car Wash Chemicals
Catering Products
Concentrated Products
Degreasants and Descalers
Stain Removers
Detergents and Washing Up Liquids
Dishwashing Machine Chemicals
Drain Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Products
Food Industry Products
Furniture Polish
Housekeeping Products
Industrial Skin Cleansers
Janitorial HardwareKits
Laundry Products
Liquid Soaps
Metal Cleaners
Oven Cleaners
Soap Dispensers
Specialist Products
Toilet Cleaners
Washroom Products
Window Cleaners

We have customers from various industries using our bottles for cleaning products. Industries include:
Automotive and Transportation,
Cleaning and Hygiene,
Contract Cleaning
Hospitality and Housekeeping
Medical Cleaning
Nursing Homes
Pubs & Bars
Schools, Colleges and Universities
Sport and Leisure
Toilet Management

Barcelona Football Shirts Made From 16 Recycled Bottles

Nike Football has revealed the new Barcelona Football Club kits that have been made with AeroSwift technology and are part of Nike’s commitment to sustainability. The Barcelona Football Shirts Made From 16 Recycled Bottles and they have a very vibrant range of green and blue colours with contrasting horizontal lines and a glow green background. The colours fade lower down towards the hem. The shirt has a v-neck collar and has the club and they have matching shorts.


The new Barcelona football kit will be available from November 1st 2016 via www.nike.com and official Nike and FCB retailers.


These shirts are a part of Nike’s commitment to sustainable innovation of football kits using recycled polyester with a lower environmental impact. Both the shirt and shorts are fabricated from recycled polyester fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been melted down to produce a fine yarn.

Nike Recycled Plastic Bottles

Every kit is made using approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles. Since 2010, Nike has diverted more than three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester, enough to cover about 5,200 football pitches!

Nike call this new process “AeroSwift Technology” and claim that they are the most technologically advanced kits ever. They are lighter, have more stretch and wick more sweat more quickly. According to Nike, the shirt and shorts are also constructed using “a new knitting process that integrates single and double knit to enhance breathability, stretch and fit.”

Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship

The Plastic Bottles Company is a rapidly exanding distributor of plastic bottles, caps, jars and accessories. Based in Ulverston in Cumbria we are a family run business with friendly staff. Due to this expansion a position has arisen for a warehouse apprentice to work alongside our warehouse manager and gain industry recognised skills.

It is a full time, permanent position working 37.5 hours per week.

Duties to include:

  • Taking delivery of goods and supplies
  • Checking for damaged or missing items
  • Storing goods
  • Moving stock around by hand, potentially using lifting gear or a forklift truck
  • Picking and packing orders
  • Loading goods for dispatch
  • Keeping records of stock
  • Keeping paperwork up to date
  • Cleaning work areas


Training and development

We will provide you with induction training on safe handling, storage and despatch procedures, and completing records. If you do not already have a forklift truck licence this will be discussed with your line manager if training is required.

You will be encouraged to work towards industry qualifications, such as:

  • Level 1/2 Certificate/Diploma in Warehousing and Storage
  • Level 3 Diploma in Warehousing and Storage

These qualifications contain units on:

  • Processing orders
  • Packing and wrapping goods
  • Using a hoist, forklift or compact crane
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Stock control

Any delivery of qualifications during your employment will be discussed and agreed with your line manager.

Skills, interests and qualities

To become a warehouse operative, you will need to have:

  • A good level of fitness
  • Good teamwork skills
  • The ability to work quickly and well
  • The ability to complete paperwork and count stock items
  • Basic computer skills
  • An understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Honesty and reliability
  • A willingness to work on a flexible basis

Additional responsibilities

  • Review, implementation and management of warehouse health and safety systems
  • Set up, implementation and management of warehouse management system
  • Stocktake of full and complete stock held across the company for financial reporting
  • Supervision and guidance of warehouse apprentice

The starting salary is £3.30 per hour in the first year (as per Government Apprentice pay guidelines).  This will then increase to £6.70 per hour in the second year.  This will then be reviewed regularly with your line manager based on performance and length of service.

Entry requirements

You do not need any specific qualifications to be a warehouse operative, but basic English, Maths and IT skills would be useful. A forklift licence may be required but isn’t essential and will be agreed with your line manager if training is required.

Interested?  please send your cv to:

The Plastic Bottles Company
Unit 1F, Cross Lane,
LA12 9DQ.
Tel. 01229 588877
or email Julie@theplasticbottlescompany.com

New White PET Plastic Bottles

White PET plastic brings an extra special touch to your products as you get them ready to go to market. The brilliant white shine gives the bottle an elegant and classy look, setting it apart from standard PET plastic bottles.

It works really well in the cosmetic industry for bath products such as lotions and moisturisers,  shampoo, conditioners, bath oils and other cosmetics. Equally it is great for car detailing products such as car shampoo, inks, dyes and paints.

This shiny white plastic bottle has straight sides (tubular) and is made from high gloss plastic with screw top neck, compatible with a range of closures including twist tops, trigger sprays, screw tops, wadded caps with EPE liners, atomisers, top press sprays and dropper tops.

At the moment we stock 50ml White PET Bottle 20mm 410 Neck and 100ml White PET Bottle 24mm Neck

PET plastic bottles are NOT suitable for storing strong chemicals, some oils, acrylic paints or a number of oil based products. However, they are good for fizzy water, water-based paints and food products. PET is widely used in the food and drinks industry and is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is light weight and much less breakable than glass, giving it the advantage when transporting it.

Please note: Always test your product with the bottle for product compatibility.

The Plastic Bottles Company And TPD Compliance

10ml-vape-bottle-white-cap-and-dropperThe Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD) has introduced some new rules for nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and refill containers (Article 20). The MHRA is responsible for implementing the majority of provisions under Article 20 and has been designated as the competent authority for the notification scheme for e-cigarettes and refill containers in the UK.

The new TPD rules are designed to ensure standards, safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and refill containers (otherwise known as e-liquids) and clear information about them so that customers can make informed choices. It also aims to protect children from starting to use these products.

The UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, were laid before Parliament on 22 April 2016 and came into force on 20 May 2016. Part 6 of the regulations sets out the requirements for e-cigarettes and refill containers.

According to the TPD, producers such as The Plastic Bottles Company must submit information about their products to MHRA through a European Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) notification portal. We are currently in the process of submitting information about our product and are awaiting for the MHRA to approve our 10ml PET Plastic Bottle which is tamper evident, childproof and designed specifically for this industry.

Here at The Plastic Bottles Company we are diligently keeping abreast of the regulations and consulting with experts to ensure that our bottles are legally compliant when the TPD comes into effect and that the process will not significantly affect the cost of our containers.

Getting TPD Ready And Compliant

We are doing everything that we can to ensure that our bottles are compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive when it comes in, we don’t want to be left with a load of stock that is not compliant. Although the Tobacco Products Directive, which contains rules for the vape sector is not binding yet, it’s not far off and we have no intention of leaving manufacturing and sourcing of appropriate bottles until the last minute.

Getting TPD Ready And Compliant

We know that our bottles are compliant with the TPD. They have the appropriate ISO 8317 and have been tested and are ready to go.

Filling the bottles is a bit more tricky for those of you who are producing the flavours.

You will need to test your products for compatibility with our bottles over time and in different potential conditions.

There will be a number of issues that you will need to consider:

You will need to test each chemical and CAS number in the e-liquid in the proportions that are in your flavours
You need to test the flavours with the base and various percentages of nicotine
You need to test the bottle for paneling over time
You need to be able to prove the integrity, stability and reliability of the nicotine delivered by your products

There will be a long, but surmountable road with lots of learning curves. The good thing is that we are all in it together and if we can help each other along the way, we will do.

TPD Compliance Plastic Bottles For E-cigarettes – ISO 8317

The TPD or Tobacco Products Directive is an amazingly complex and complicated document about the regulation of the E-cigarette industry. It touches on so many issues and it is going to be next to impossible for governments to regulate an industry that is growing so quickly in all directions.

It’s complicated because it does not neatly fit into any one government department, meaning that it becomes unclear about which department should regulate it.

Broken down, there are 3 main aspects to vaping. There is the nicotine, the flavourings, the equipment used to vape and the carrier liquid that the nicotine and flavourings are dispensed into.

So, the flavourings could easily come under the regulation food and drinks department because they are often made from either food or food like substances, like e-numbers and artificial flavourings.

However, because it is inhaled, it could be seen as a medicine. The effects of inhaling specific flavours are already starting to be identified.

The nicotine could come under the Tobacco department, but it could also be seen as a medicine and come under the regulation of the Department of Health. It becomes even more complicated because many people are ‘zero vapers’ that is to say, that they do not have any nicotine, only flavours. Some of these people are ex-smokers, but some are brand new vapers.

TPD Compliance Plastic Bottles For E-cigarettes – ISO 8317

In terms of plastic storage bottles for vaping this creates a lot of variables:

the strength of nicotine
the chemical properties flavours
the duration of storage
the chemical properties of the carrier liquids
the conditions that the E-liquids are stored in

This is why we take the regulation process very seriously and are following the story very carefully. We have done everything we can to ensure that we are compliant with the suggested packaging recommendations. Therefore we have obtained an ISO 8317 for our ‘vape bottle’ and as such, we are listed on the official ISO register.

Plastic Bottles And Containers For Opticians

We offer plastic bottles that are suitable for opticians who produce their own eye care solutions. HDPE plastic bottles are suitable for both multipurpose contact lens solutions, for cleaning and disinfecting contacts. Multipurpose solutions, sometimes known as no-rub solutions, because they are designed to clean and disinfect the lens without the need to rub them to remove lens deposits, although many eye care professionals recommend adding a short, 10-second period of mechanical rubbing as part of the cleaning regimen with multipurpose solutions.

Proponents of multipurpose contact lens solutions say they are less expensive and easier to use than hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, and therefore contact lens wearers are more likely to use multipurpose solutions properly. Of course, extreme care has to be taken at the point of filling, that the both the solution and the filling process is completely sterile, in order to prevent any fungal infections.

Fluorinated HDPE bottles may be more appropriate for hydrogen peroxide based lens care systems although ordinary HDPE is adequate for the normal saline solution. Hydrogen peroxide care systems are preservative-free and are less likely to carry infection, although your product should be tested in the bottle over time for compatibility.

We have tamper evident dropper bottles that are suitable for:

Contact lens eye drops
Contact lens solutions
Dry eyes eye drops
Eye brightening eye drops
Eye washes
Red & irritated eyes eye drops

Both HDPE and PET plastic are used for eye drops, depending on the solution that you are using.

For eye cream, you might like to consider one of our cosmetic jars or small plastic pots.

Spring 2016 Catalogue Now Available

CatalogueThe Plastic Bottles Company is pleased to announce that our Spring 2016 Catalogue Is Now Available.  It is available as a hard copy that we would be pleased to send to you, or you can view it online for immediate access.

To view The Plastic Bottles Catalogue online, please click here.

The catalogue contains most of our new products, although we are getting new stock in most weeks and so there is still a chance that we stock that is not in the catalogue or on the website yet.  If you know what you want and can’t see it, it is worth giving us a ring to see if we have it.  We can also source quite a wide range products for you,  if you can’t find what you are looking for.  If you need a bespoke plastic bottle, plastic jar, plastic container or lid we can get a quote for you for manufacture.

For fluorinated bottles, we have some in stock and can have any of our HDPE bottles fluorinated, should you require.

We have a limited number of UN Approved bottles in stock and can make enquiries and attempt to source products that we don’t have in stock.

If you would like us to post a copy of the catalogue out to you, please contact us and we will be happy to do this.


Plastic Boston Bottles

50ml-Boston-black-20mm-spigot-cap-and-brushWe offer Boston Round Plastic Bottles in a variety of sizes in PET, LDPE, MDPE and HDPE plastic.  The HDPE Round Boston comes in black or natural.  We stock it in sizes from 50ml to 250ml and can source other sizes if necessary.

The Boston Round plastic bottles are in stock and available for immediate dispatch.  We carry the more  traditional narrow mouth Boston rounds, wide mouth rounds, pharmaceutical rounds and lab rounds.

Closures for Plastic Boston Bottles include wadded caps, twist tops, oil spout caps, stem & brush, sprays, flip top caps, atomisers, lotion pumps, droppers and childproof caps.

The Plastic Boston Bottle is a very pleasing shape and with all the choice of the many closures that are available,  it is an extremely versatile packaging container that is used across various industries such as:

hair & beauty products like shampoo, conditioner and treatments
product samples
water and drink bottles
automotive industry
household cleaners
water sampling

and many more.

We have recently started stocking the 50ml Black HDPE Boston Bottle that is ideal for low volume products and samples.  It has not been listed on the website yet, but if you are interested in ordering it, please contact us.  The 50ml Black HDPE Boston Bottle is shown on the photograph above and to the left.

Remember to test your product, in the bottle and with the closure of your choice to ensure that it meets all of your requirements.



20mm Top Press Spray Atomiser

20mm Top Press Spray Atomiser is now available in natural.

Our 20mm, Top Press Spray Atomiser closure is suitable for use with any of our 20mm neck bottles.  The top press spray gives you control of spraying making it ideal for cosmetics, cleaning solutions and gardening.  This product DOES come with a plastic dip tube, but for photographic purposes we have removed it.

As with all containers, you should test your product for compatibility over time.

It is an elegant accessory that will immediately add value to your product.  It is suitable for use with the following bottles:

30ml Clear PET Bottle
50ml Clear PET Bottle
50ml Natural HDPE Bottle
50ml White HDPE Bottle
50ml Natural LDPE Boston Bottle
50ml Natural HDPE Boston Bottle
50ml Natural Flat Top HDPE Bottle
65ml Black or Natural HDPE Bottle

100ml Natural HDPE Bottle
100ml Black HDPE Bottle
100ml Natural HDPE Boston Bottle

125ml MDPE Bottle

This product is also available in black and white and you can order it here.



24/410 Lotion Pumps

lotion pump dispenserWe now stock 24/410 Lotion Pumps that are suitable for all of our 24mm neck bottles.

This includes:

100ml Tall PET Bottle With 24mm Neck

200ml Tall PET Bottle With 24mm Neck

250ml Tall PET Clear Bottle 24mm Neck

200ml HDPE Bottle 24mm Neck

250ml HDPE Bottle 24mm Neck

125ml HDPE Bottle With 24mm Neck

200ml HDPE bottles With 24mm Neck

250ml Tall HDPE bottles With 24mm Neck

These lotion pumps or lotion dispensers can be paired with a HDPE or PET container to create an elegant lotion pump bottle for your product. Lotion pump dispensers come in either black or white and they have a smooth finish, giving your product a sophisticated look and feel.

The lotion pumps are specially designed for viscous products such as liquid detergents, lotions, soaps, shampoos, oil or water-based paints, foods such as condiments, oils or flavourings, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, hair care products, bath or shower products, face creams and hand lotions.

They are a favourite in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health and beauty and food and drink industries.

Special Features Include:

• stylish design
• locking dispenser
• water-shielding design to stop water ingression
• primer for high viscosity fluids.

The dip tube on the pump is 177mm and it can be cut easily to the desired length. As always, we recommend that you test your product for compatibility, over time to ensure that you are happy that it complies with all of your requirements.

At this moment in time, 24/410 Lotion Pumps are in stock and available, but not yet listed on the website. Please contact us for prices and to order until the listing goes live.

Can You Hot Fill PET Bottles?

The hot fill packaging process offers a number of advantages to many industries, especially in the food and drinks sectors. The heat can act as a sterilising agent, preventing the growth of bacteria. This means that it is sometimes possible to avoid the need for additional chemicals or preservatives in order to make sure that the product has a decent shelf life and doesn’t spoil. The process of hot filling will often also allow for shorter product runs, meaning that it is more accessible to smaller businesses.

The process works best with low PH products that have been chemically neutralised. When the products are hot filled, they are capped and then inverted so that the cap and neck are also sterilised. The bottles are immediately cooled down.

But can you hot fill PET bottles?

The short answer is no, you cannot. It’s a shame because PET bottles can have the look of a quality glass, bringing elegance to a product and adding market value because it looks so good and is lighter to transport than glass. However, standard PET plastic is not suitable for normal hot fill. The usual recommendation is that PET plastic containers are tolerant of being filled with products up to 40 degrees C. Some people say that you can get away with slightly higher temperatures than this, but it is important to test each product for chemical and heat compatibility.

We once left some PET bottles in a conservatory on a hot summer’s day, much to our peril, they all warped. You may have seen a similar effect from leaving a PET container in a hot car.

The good news is that new grades of PET and new additives in the plastic are being tested even as you read this. There is hope in the plastics industry that there is good progress being made and that it is something that will be available in the near future. But we are not there yet.

Plastic Packaging For Animal Care Products

We stock a range of plastic packaging solutions for manufacturers and distributors of pet and animal care products. We stock the best quality, best prices and there is no minimum order.

Our products are food safe and we have a number of UN approved bottles in stock should you require them. We have some fluorinated HDPE bottles available for immediate delivery and any of our HDPE products are suitable for fluorination.

Plastic bottles are suitable for:

Animal shampoo
Pet medication and medicated lotions and creams
Animal food and drink
Hand scrubs
Animal deodoriser sprays
Clipper oil
Dog cologne
Medicated shampoos
Flea spray
Claw liquid
Eye care cleaner
Ear flush
Skin and fur care
Water conditioners and treatments

If you need help deciding on what kind of plastic container that you require, please give us a call and we can advise you.  We can also send you a sample so that you can test your products for compatibility and see how they look.

ISO certificates may be available on request.




Easter Posting & Courier Dates

It’s not long until Easter now, it’s crept up quickly this year because it is so early. Unfortunately, although it is lovely to see the sunshine and spring flowers, it means that there will be an interruption to our normal posting and courier routine.

Last Ordering Dates For Easter 2016

The last ordering date is Wednesday the 23rd of March by 1pm for our courier service.

The last ordering date is Thursday 4pm for our postal service.

We will be closed over Easter from the 25th March to the 28th, so normal deliveries will recommence on Tuesday the 29th March.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday and let’s hope we all get some lovely weather to enjoy it!

From All Of Us At The Plastic Bottles Company

Kerbside Plastic Recycling Comes To Ulverston

The Plastic Bottles CompanyWe are delighted that kerbside recycling of plastic bottles has come to town! Most plastic can be recycled now and with the new collection bags, there is no excuse not to. The bags look quite small, but you can request a second one. They are intended for plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays; as well as cans. South Lakeland District Council ask you to wash it, squash it and bag it.

Plastic bottles are defined as containers with a neck or opening that’s smaller than the base. This includes plastic bottles, jars, jugs for food and drinks such as milk, soft drinks, water, salad dressing, cooking oil, condiments, peanut butter and mayonnaise, as well as for toiletries, laundry detergent, household cleaners and more.
Put the plastic caps back on bottles and containers since now recyclers want those, too.

Recycled plastic is cleaned and sorted by plastic type and then sorted by colour. It is shredded, washed, melted and reformed into pellets which can then be used to make all sorts of other products, including new bottles.

Here are some top tips for recycling:

  • wash bottles using leftover washing up water
  • squash or flatten them – so they take less space in your recycling bin
  • remove the plastic trigger and spray device from cleaning bottles
  • no need to remove any labels

Plastic that is not recycled ends up on the landfill or as litter and is not recycled into something useful, it is wasted. It is estimated that it will take up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle or bag to decompose after it is buried in a landfill. Plastic that ends up as litter is more than just an eyesore, it is a hazard to the health of animals and the seas. Discarded plastic cause of death each year of hundreds of thousands of fish, sea turtles, whales and other sea creatures. If a plastic item is thrown away it can never be recycled into another plastic item. The base plastic and all the oil that went into making it, becomes a total waste. New raw materials and the manufacturing process must be used to create new plastics.

Fluorination Quotation Form


Fluorination is a process of treating the surface of plastic using fluorine gas. After fluorination, the bottles are much less likely to distort in any way or panel. This is particularly useful for strong chemicals that will be stored in plastic bottles over a period of time.

Fluorinated plastic is useful for storage of: acetone lubricants, plant growing chemicals, cleaning agents, de-greasing agents, essential oils, car products including additives, wood treatment products, paint thinners, weed killers. This is by no means a complete list and because there are so many variables affecting the integrity of your plastic bottle, we urge you to test our bottles with your product over time.  At this time of writing, fluorination is only available for HDPE plastic unfortunately and not PET plastic.

Our containers are fluorinated after they have been manufactured. During this process, the bottles are placed in a sealed reactor and exposed to fluorine gases. There are various levels of fluorination available. The level that is chosen depends on the kind of plastic that is required and the chemicals that the bottles are being used for and the length of storage time.

Fluorination of Plastic Bottles to prevent panelling is a bespoke service that we offer, if you are interested in a quote for fluorination of any of our HDPE bottles, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please scroll down to view the fluorinated containers that we currently hold in stock. There is no lead time on the containers in our warehouse.

Fluorinated 1000ml – 1 Litre HDPE Bottle 28mm Neck No Cap


Fluorinated 500ml HDPE Bottle with 28mm Neck No Cap

Fluorinated 100ml HDPE Bottle 20mm Neck No Cap


Fluorinated 50ml HDPE Bottle With 20mm Neck No Cap

500ml White HDPE UN Bottle With 42mm Tamper Evident Cap


1 Litre White HDPE UN Bottle With 42mm Tamper Evident Cap


Plastic Bottles For Chefs And Bakers

With Valentines day around the corner, you may be thinking about preparing a special menu, especially if the way to your loved one’s heart is through the stomach.  But these days, people expect more than just great tasting food, we want it to be as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.  Plate design is such an easy way to achieve food that looks really gorgeous, but without being over complicated. Beautifully plated food means that the feast starts before the first mouthful! Read More

We Are Finalists in The Marketing Minds Awards 2016

We are delighted that the The Plastic Bottles Company has been selected as one of four finalists in the Integrated Campaign of the Year category in the Marketing Minds Awards 2016.

Our details are now on the Marketing Minds Conference and Awards website and we are very much looking forward to the awards gala that will take place on Thursday 21st April, at Cranage Hall, Cheshire.

Before this, we will give a short presentation to a panel of industry judges, to tell them about our campaign and to answer a few questions from the panel in February or March.

The inaugural Marketing Minds Awards celebrates the very best the North West has to offer in the marketing sector.

Following on from the highly successful Marketing Minds Conference during the day, the awards recognise marketing activity within both client and agency-side companies, which has successfully achieved objectives using strategy, creativity, innovation and oodles of passion thrown in along the way.

There will be over 300 marketers in attendance, and the Marketing Minds Conference will connect us with your peers and provides with access to all 8 speakers. We are looking forward to a goody bag full of treats and offers and all of the videos, downloads and templates that will helps us with our marketing. It should be an amazing day!

Wish us luck and we will keep you posted!

Plastic Bottles For Tattoo Removal Treatments

When we first started The Plastic Bottles Company, we had many customers who were buying plastic bottles and containers for tattoo ink and tattoo art. It seemed that everyone was getting tattoos and the tattoo artists were making hay.

A few years down the line and the industry has changed a lot. The industry exploded between the 1990s and 2014. Around 20 million people in the UK now have a tattoo, with almost a quarter of 40- to 59-year-olds have one somewhere on their body, compared with one in six of those aged between 18 and 24.

Now, the industry has slowed right down and some people are regretting their tats for various reasons. Some no longer want one at all, some have inappropriate names or symbols others outgrow them. The dolphin tattoo is Britain’s second most removed design, behind an ex-lover’s name.

But just as there are right and wrong ways to get inked, there are definitely right and wrong ways to have them removed. The bigger the tattoo, the more expensive it is to have it taken off. It also depends on the type of ink that was used.

It seems that de-inking is this year’s black and as ever, Victoria Beckham is right on trend. Photo: Copyright (c) 2010 Rex Features.

We are seeing a steep rise in the number of tattoo removal clinics in the UK offering laser treatments by trained clinicians.

If you run a laser clinic, we can supply plastic bottles for tattoo removal products and tattoo removal kits.

Wholesale Hair Care Accessories

250ml-HDPE-White-24mm-white-mini-sprayWhether you are a manufacturer of professional hair products or a salon owner looking for a few applicator or spray bottles, you will find that we have an extensive selection of plastic bottles and jars at VERY reasonable prices. Even if you have a trade account with one of the leading wholesale hair stockists, you will discover that our prices are much more competitive.

Take a look at our choice of plastic skin care and hair salon containers for your salon business or product line! They are all unbranded so that you can add your own  Our plastic bottles and jars or our metal tins could be perfect for use as shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, hair colour bottles, skin care containers and more!

We offer a plastic water spray bottle that is ideal for dampening hair whilst cutting. It comes with either black or white mini sprayers and can be used with strong chemicals if you are adding anything to the water before spraying, or if you are using it for cleaning products in the salon. The trigger spray can be adjusted to creating shear mist or a steady stream, if required.

For dispensing creams or even acetone, our 2 litre rectangular HDPE bottle looks really smart and is very steady, even on the side of a basin or sink.  It can be used for conditioners, shampoos, soaps or more dilute substances.

Plastic Hair Treatment Bottles

Our plastic hair treatment bottles come with a choice of twist top caps, tamper evident caps, brushes fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers or child proof caps.  HDPE trigger sprayer bottles are ideal for wetting hair before cutting, colouring or styling.

LDPE plastic squeeze bottles with twist top dropper caps can be used as hair serum or hair oil bottles, letting your customers apply the hair treatment directly to the scalp.

Clear PET bottles with twist tops could be ideal as hair mask or conditioner bottles and for other hair dye treatment products. The elegant PET sprayer bottle are great for heat protection mist containers, leave-in conditioner or hair spray bottles.

As with all of our products, you should always test your product with our containers to ensure product compatibility over time. We do not imply these products are fit for any particular use.

Plastic Hair Colour Bottles and Jars

Our white HDPE jerry cans are good for storing bulk quantities of colouring powders, bases, deep conditioning treatments and additives. The pelican pump makes it easy to dispense small amounts of liquid from the jerrycan to a smaller bottle.   Then for mess free hair colour application, select the LDPE plastic bottles with twist tops as they are quite squeezy. The twist top caps on these bottles helps to ensure precise measurement of hair dye. These bottles come with a wide selection of caps to choose from depending on whether you are using mousse, hair gel or spray.  For thicker hair products like hair mud, putty, wax, sculpting or moulding products,

Mousse, Hair Gel and Hair Spray Bottles & Jars

We offer a variety of plastic hair product bottles with sprayers or pumps, which could be ideal for use as mousse bottles, hair spray bottles and many other hair styling products. Our line of white thick wall polypropylene jars may be just what you�re looking for if you need hair gel, styling wax or pomade jars. They are available in five sizes from 1 oz to 8 oz and come with smooth white F217 lined caps to help reduce the possibility of product leakage. The natural polypro hinged containers could be great for holding bobby pins and other hair styling accessories!

Plastic Conditioner and Shampoo Bottles & Jars

Our PET plastic bottles and jars could be ideal for your line of hair care products. Try using our cosmo and boston rounds with disc top caps as conditioner bottles or shampoo bottles. Disc top caps allow the user to cleanly dispense the hair care product inside. The blue PET heavy wall jars could be ideal for hair treatments, leave-in conditioners and more. These plastic jars have wide openings making it easy to access the product and are available with a variety of closure options.

Nail Art Supplies

Nail_art_example,_Nov_2013With Christmas & New Year right around the corner, nail technicians will be stocking up on supplies for the busiest time of year.  This year Christmas lands on a Friday which means that the last recommended (UK mainland) posting date will be the 21st, the Monday before.   Read More

New In Stock Black 30ml HDPE Oval Bottle

This elegant bottle will immediately add market value to your product. It is sleek and compact with a perfect black finish. The 30ml oval bottle is a great size for samples or for products sold in small quantities. This good looking empty plastic bottle is much sought after in industries that require all the functionality of high quality HDPE plastic, but with the appearance of a designer bottle. Read More

Reduced Shipping Rates Until 2016

The Plastic Bottles Company announces Reduced Shipping Rates Until 2016!

shipping reducedThe Plastic Bottles Company has always taken pride in offering excellent customer service with the lowest possible prices to customers worldwide. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our shipping service and slash the costs. So as a special Christmas gift to our loyal customers, we are reducing the rates to just £6 or less, for any order up to 30kg until 31/12/2015.

When we get your order we select from our trusted courier services and then choose the best way to send you your parcel. We weigh up your location and the volume and weight of your parcel or consignment and then choose the courier who will provide you with the best service. No matter where you live in the world, we will do our best to get your goods delivered in perfect condition and in the fastest time span possible.

If you need your order delivered before Christmas or the New Year, please make sure that you order in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. This means contacting us by the 21st of December for a UK delivery- at the very latest.

15ml Clear PET Bottles

We now stock 15ml clear PET bottles that go with our 20mm lids.  This is an ideal size for samples or for health, beauty and personal care products that are sold in small quantities.

These beautiful bottles are made from clear see-through plastic with the appearance of glass.  PET plastic will enhance your product and increase the value when you take it to market. Read More

Induction Heat Sealed Lids

Induction heat sealing, otherwise known as cap sealing, is a non-contact method of heating an inner seal to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. A hermetic seal has the quality of being airtight, and often means that it will be impervious to gases. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped. Read More

Plastic Bottles For Sublimation Dye

A dye-sublimation printer (or dye-sub printer) is a computer printer that prints using heat to transfer dye to plastic, card, paper, or fabric. It was (wrongly) called sublimation because it was once thought that the dye could make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. Sublimation is the term for this in chemistry. However, it has now been proven that it is more like a diffusion process, but the name has stuck.

Sublimation printing is the application of ‘sublimation’ inks onto a surface using a heat press. The heat press is designed to create the optimal amount of heat, time and pressure so that the ink can penetrate the surface. The resulting colour is long lasting and resistant to scratching.

Dye-sublimation printers are designed and used for producing photographic prints, ID cards, phone cases, T-Shirts, bottles and printing on plastic containers. Both hard and soft items can be used to print on as long as they contain some kind of polymer. However, natural fabrics such as cotton cannot be used in this process. Fabrics that have a polyester coating, but are not able to withstand the necessary temperatures are also unsuitable.

Plastic Bottles For Sublimation Dye

Sublimation ink should be stored in HDPE plastic bottles in a cool, dark place. We offer a range of suitable bottles for storing large quantities of ink and small applicator bottles with twist tops.

New! Black HDPE Bottle Range

Black HDPE Plastic BottlesNew! Black HDPE Bottle Range


We have had lots of requests for black bottles and so we are pleased to say we are now stocking a complete range. The bottles are made from top quality HDPE and come in the following sizes: Read More

Apps For E-Liquid Calculators

Apps For E-Liquid Calculators are available to download on Google Play and i-Tunes. Some of them contain adverts and this might be a source of frustration if you are in a hurry or very busy. Here are a selection of apps for you to look at. Read More

Plastic Bottles For Hazardous Goods

We stock a range of bottles that can be used for the transportation of hazardous goods.

Dangerous goods, also referred to as hazardous materials, can be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products or articles which can pose a risk to people, animals or the environment if they are not used or transported correctly. Read More

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