Wholesale Empty Plastic Bottles E-Liquid UK

Wholesale Empty Plastic Bottles E-Liquid UK

Are you struggling to find empty plastic dropper bottles for e-liquid at wholesale prices in the UK?

Because of the rising number of people using electronic cigarettes and e-liquid in conjunction with the UK postal system, the demand for small plastic bottles has never been higher.  It can be tempting to import them, but we know that this is not without risk, such as the risk of buying inferior products, damage from inadequate packaging or waiting for weeks for them to arrive.  We can have them with you the next day if you are on the UK mainland.

All of our plastic bottles are made in the UK and are quality assured by UK manufacturers who are relentlessly committed to producing quality bottles.

However, we are also determined to supply you with the best trade prices available for wholesale Empty Plastic Bottles E-Liquid UK

It may be in your interests to call us and find out how much you can save by ordering more bottles and using our courier service so that what you save on postage, you will gain in bottles.

Our 30ml bottles start from just .07 pence each, whilst our 18mm pointed plugs come in at just .03 pence.  

We stock 3 sizes of childproof caps- 20mm, 24mm and 28mm.

We have a range of small PET and HDPE bottles.