Are PET Plastic Bottles Safe?

250ml-PET-black-sprayAre PET Plastic Bottles Safe?

It is widely known that not all plastic is safe for food and drinks and therefore, there are many misconceptions about the safety all plastics. However, more than 75% of all water, fizzy drinks, juices are bottled in PET plastic bottles because they are safe and recyclable, making them more environmentally friendly than glass. Rigorous scientific testing throughout the world has created a global consensus that PET plastic bottles are safe, provided they are stored correctly.

Extensive testing of various chemicals, especially BPA, concludes that PET Plastic is one of the safest products for storage of food and drink.

Other Benefits of PET Plastic Bottles include:

They are very light, making them more cost effective to transport than glass

They don’t break when dropped like glass so they can be carried about

They can be re-used

They can be recycled

They can be made into beautiful and elegant bottles and jars, some of them have the appearance of glass

PET Plastic Bottles must be stored correctlyPET plastic is strictly regulated and complies with European law, and EU legislation monitors the limits of migration of chemicals from plastics into food and drink. It is a myth that a PET plastic bottle will leach carcinogens into the water if it is left in a hot place. Research shows that there are no carcinogens in PET plastic.

Having said that, PET plastic bottles should be stored in a cool, dark place away from strong chemicals, cleaning product containers or things with strong smells.

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